Photo Credit: Elena Lockyer - Spring 2016 ('Feel Something' Music Video)

Photo Credit: Elena Lockyer - Spring 2016 ('Feel Something' Music Video)

James Ash Doughty

Hello, my name is James Doughty and I am a filmmaker, cinematographer and freelance photographer based in the wonderfully vibrant city of Cambridge.

My world is film. From an early age I found solitude in the silver screen, and devoted much of my youth and teenage years to the study of film and photography. 

My first experience writing & directing my own short film was in 2012, towards the end of my studies. Since then I have expanded into both photography and cinematography, lending my hand to other filmmakers as well as freelancing in various fields. 

This is my passion. I shoot both digital and analogue, I create moving images as well as still, and I believe strongly in performing my craft to the absolute best of my ability. No half-measures. 

One of the greatest parts of working with visual media is the ability to share this art form with so many others. Whether it's photographing a wedding, shooting a short commercial piece, or even working on another artists project, you're never short of ways to share and inspire others into doing the same. 

If you are interested in hiring my services then please feel free to contact me. 


Due to my busy work schedule and being unable to answer the phone as often as I'd like, my best point of contact is to reach me via email at the following email address:


I look forward to hearing from you soon.