2017: A Year in Review


The end of the year marks the end of a chapter for everyone, a time of the year where most of us reflect on the year that has preceded us, usually to our horror, and decide to make some (no doubt short lived) changes. Getting fit, spending less, going out more - just a few of the major 'resolutions' that we decide on come January 1st. 

Yes, I have a couple of resolutions myself, but that isn't the reason for this post. I like to take the New Year as an opportunity not to necessarily change anything about myself, but to reflect on the things I feel I've done right in the past 12 months. Don't focus on the negativity, and I don't doubt for a second that there will be some because let's be honest, this is the real world. The world isn't particularly pretty, but it is what we make it. It's important we focus on what matters, and not dwell on the less important or negative things that have happened. 

2017 for me has been a year of change and progression. I've done very little with film, focusing more on photography and charity work, as well as entering a new day-to-day job (yes I have one of those) that has essentially been a promotion. With that, of course, comes its responsibilities, and responsibilities take a large portion of our time. My spare time has gotten drastically smaller, which has led me to conclude that in 2018 I should make the most of every free moment I have. 

2018 is going to be a year of focusing on myself, my health, my family and my career. That's the plan anyway. In 2016 my health took a tumble, which led me to shelf a few projects that I have yet to un-shelf. 2017 was spent focusing on everything, every aspect of my life, recovering parts that were broken and battered from years previous, pushing harder and harder every month to ensure the months get easier. Money, of course, being a huge concern. Thanks to the last year, it is no longer one, and money is quite honestly the last thing on my mind. 

So, there you have it. 2018 will be a year of doing what I would like to do, which includes creating. Expect new and (hopefully) interesting content. Speaking of which...

I am currently casting and looking for models for the following, so please do get in touch with your showreel/portfolio if you are interested:

Let Me Sleep (Short Film) - Two male actors.

Untitled Short Film - Female actor, three male actors, miscellaneous extras. 

Portraiture Photography - Male or female models that want to expand their own professional portfolio, I offer free portraiture to those with good ideas and good intentions.